ProBalm Fodder – 45g


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The new kid on the block! Treat your skin to 45ml of serious nourishment. Packed full of natural goodness, it’s what your skin would buy!

When your skin is shredded and stops you hitting the rock, gym, box or slopes, you need extreme skincare to get you back in the game.

Back in 2011, the founders of Probalm found themselves with this exact problem! They tried everything on the market, but nothing seemed to do the trick so they decided to create their own. Their team included  a climber, herbalist, designer and web guru, and after hours of perfecting and testing, ProBalm was born.

No fillers or unnecessary rubbish. If it’s not doing something, it doesn’t go in our products.

Problam is and always will be handmade in the UK.






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