New to Climbing

Try one of the fastest-growing sports and the latest Olympic event, debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

About Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is made up of several different climbing disciplines. At Rockcity Climbing GYM, we split these sessions into Bouldering and Roped Climbing.


  • Lower level climbing over crash mats.
  • No experience or equipment required.
  • See Go Bouldering for further details.

Roped Climbing

  • Climbing on Tall Walls.
  • Experience and equipment required.
  • Roped climbing is made up of several climbing disciplines:
    • Top Ropes – Tie into the rope already set up and ready to climb.
    • Lead Climbing – Bring your own rope and set up as you climb.
    • Auto Belays – Clip and climb mechanism to safely belay for individual climbers.
  • Learn the climb the tall walls with an Adult Introduction to Roped Climbing Course.
  • Get a taste of climbing the tall walls with a ROCK-IT session.
Rockcity bouldering - the pit - bloctoberfest 2019 - semi finals

Go Bouldering

  • Ages 14+.
  • No experience needed.
  • No equipment required.
  • Unsupervised session for 3 hours.

Bouldering is the fastest-growing sport and the purest form of climbing. With no ropes, no harness, just incredible climbing on walls up to 4.5m high, with matting below.

Our team of friendly and experienced climbers will help get you started on your first visit.



  • 1 hour instructed session.
  • Up to 12 participants.
  • Includes equipment hire.

ROCK-IT is for young climbers 7-17 years and adults. Aimed at adults looking for their first indoor climbing mission or children who are looking to bridge the gap between the more basic, Lego style Clip and Climb centres and the challenge of a real grown-up rock climbing centre.

With all ROCK-IT Clip and Climb sessions fully supervised by one of our trained rock technicians, we guarantee no experience necessary.  Simply make your booking, then rock up, clip in and start climbing, it’s that simple.

rockcity castle kids and families bouldering area

Family Bouldering

  • Ages 2-13, with adult supervision.
  • 3 dedicated family climbing rooms.
  • 2 hours of bouldering.

Explore the cosmos in the Space Room, scale the walls of the Castle Room, and challenge yourselves in the new Loft area.

Adult Introduction to Roped Climbing

  • 5 hours of climbing over two sessions.
  • Includes equipment hire.
  • Learn the skills required to top-rope climb and use auto belays.

Learn to climb the tall walls at Rockcity. Split over two separate 2.5-hour sessions, this course will teach you the skills needed to climb at Rockcity’s top-roped areas unsupervised.