Prepaid Climbing

Climb more for less. Climb any day, anytime with one of our prepaid climbing offerings. We have a versatile list of options to suit your lifestyle and routine.

Prepaid climbing members do not need to book a session in advance. Skip the queues with the Beta Climbing App.

Our off-peak times are: Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4:00pm.

Please download our Beta Climbing app to access your pass and scan in when you arrive at Rockcity:

Pay Monthly (Privilege Membership)

Climb as much as often as you want on a rolling monthly membership. We have two offerings for prepaid climbing via direct debit.

Privilege Membership – Peak Time – £50.00 per month

Privilege Membership – Off-Peak Time ONLY – £40.00 per month

See a member of staff at the Rockcity reception desk to set up your Privilege Membership or sign up in our Beta App.

How it works

  • A Privilege Membership is active for a minimum of 12 months.

Self-Check-in App | Beta Climbing

Manage your bookings and prepaid passes with the Beta Climbing app. Follow the steps below to connect to your Rockcity Membership and receive your self-check-in barcode.

  1. Download the Beta Climbing App
  2. Select the facility Rockcity
  3. Register your account in app

Need Some Gear?

We have everything you need to enhance your climbing experience. Browse our extensive range of climbing gear online or in-store. Top up on the necessity such as chalk and finger tape, or advance your footwear with shoes from brands such as Scarpa, Evolv, and Five-Ten.

While you’re at it, refresh your wardrobe with fashionable clothing from our Patagonia range.