Skate Shop

The independent Skate Shop is at the core of any towns skate scene.  Rockcity Skate Store has over 20 years experience in both selling online and in store.  So for that proper good old fashioned 'could you set it up for me' and helpful face to face, parent friendly local shop. Nurturing talent, hooking up the surrounding areas finest.  Rockcity has been around longer and survived more 'wannabies' than most other towns core skate shops. At Rockcity Pro Skate Store we bring you the best of European and British skateboard companies have to offer.  Add on to this our own Vans Pro Skate Store and you have a very unique space, either in store or here online. 'Skate like a Pro' with our 'Free Rockcity Skatepark Session' hook up.  You get one for every £50 you spend at the Rockcity Skate Shop.  Now that must give you some added Stoke.