7-17 years

£10 per person


£12 per person


ROCK-IT – The Centre of Gravity Research is the NEW Kids & Family fun rock climbing adventure that is just ‘out of this world’

ROCK-IT is for young climbers 7-17 years and adults. Aimed at adults looking for their first indoor climbing mission or children who are looking to bridge the gap between the more basic, ‘lego’ style Clip and Climb centres and the challenge of a real grown up rock climbing centre. With all ROCK-IT Clip and Climb sessions fully supervised by one of our trained rock technicians we guarantee ‘no experience necessary’.  Simply make your booking, then rock up, clip in and start climbing, it’s that simple.

A full work out for your mind, your body and your imagination.  The ROCK-IT has 15 auto belay lines and a capacity of 12 persons, leaving 3 lines always clear so you don’t have to wait between climbs.

Pricing :

Adults: £12 per person
7-17yrs: £10 per person

Each session consists of :

20 minutes –  registration / safety briefing / kitting up time.
60 minutes – 100% climbing time.
10 minute  – return of kit and issuing of certificates.

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time for mission briefing 

What do I need once I’ve booked?

  • Once you have received your confirmation email, please complete the online form included at the top.
  • We need to be aware of any medical conditions prior to the session. Please bring any medication that may be needed during the session.
  • Wear sensible and comfortable sports clothing as a harness must be accommodated for. Remove all jewellery before climbing. All long hair must be worn tied back.
  • We will productive all of the necessary safety equipment for this session.

“Another big step for Rockcity, a giant leap for Young Climbers”

Taking you on a mission to climb where no man has gone before, ‘to infinity and beyond’.

Ready for take-off!