Evolv Evolv V6 Low Volume


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The V6 Low Volume is made for climbers who want to become experts quickly on any terrain. Its adjustable single strap closure ensures easy adjustment and paired with an easy entry split tongue allows climbers to transition between climbs comfortably and quickly. The downturned toe provides precision on steep small holds. It features a large toe patch to provide secure and stable toe hooking. The tensioned heel rand creates a locked in feel for maximum security and precision while heel hooking. Smearing is easy with the even flex of the full-length outsole. The V6 LV uses Evolv’s proprietary TRAX SAS® rubber compound to ensure superior stickiness on diverse terrain. All materials used in the V6 LV are 100% vegan. The V6 LV also comes in a Medium Volume to ensure the best fit for a climber’s foot shape and performance goals. The V6 LV offers a balanced feature set to smear, edge, toe hook and heel hook with immediate comfort out of the box to enable a climber’s quick progression to V6 and beyond.


    • Split tongue opening: for easy entry.
    • Adjustable single strap: for easy adjustment.
    • Downturned toe: provides precision on steep small holds.
    • Large toe patch: enables secure toe hooking.
    • Tensioned heel rand: creates a locked-in feel for secure heel hooking.


  • Materials: Upper: Synthetic Midsole: Half-length 1.6mm molded plastic with love bump Outsole: TRAX® 4.2mm full length Vegan: 100%
  • Midsole: Half-length 1.6mm molded plastic with love bump
  • Outsole: TRAX® 4.2mm full length
  • Upper: SYNTHETIC
  • Volume: 0 (Low Volume)
  • Weight: 260g





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