patagonia shop
16 August 2018
Patagonia Shop in Hull

Maybe its a result of the City of Culture or perhaps the hard work of Rockcity over the last 24 years in building a unique scene in Hull.  Possibly its both of these things.  Kingston-upon-Hull has a Patagonia Shop as part of the uber trendy Rockcity store on Hawthorn Avenue. Patagonia is a very special...

06 August 2018
coffee processing methods

Coffee Processing Methods One of the long-standing problems with people buying and drinking coffee is the lack of contact between consumer and the people growing, processing and roasting the beans. Coffee is often grown in developing countries such as Africa and Central and Southern America. So there can often be a mental barrier between your...

Rock it | clip in
05 August 2018
ROCK-IT, Clip and Climb Fun in Hull

'ROCK-IT, The Centre of Gravity Research' is the latest Clip and Climb area at Rockcity Climbing Centre.  This new 'space' brings you a new twist to the climbing wall.  Rather than the standard 'real rock' effects or the bold, block colours made popular by manufacturers like Walltopia.  We have added the latest in climbing wall surface...

Coffee machine
30 July 2018
Accessibility versus high-end coffee: Balancing a fine line

In the new fangled age of third-wave coffee, more and more consumers are leaving coffee shops feeling alienated, and quite rightly. The plethora of complicated jargon and stigma surrounding speciality coffee, especially in more up-market areas in London and other metropolitan centres, can often become overwhelming. As a barista who has worked on both sides...

30 July 2018
Hull Coffee Scene

In the aftermath of the Hull’s fabled year of being titled City of Culture; trendy food and drink establishments in the city are on the rise. With developments in areas like Humber Street and the Old Town well underway and the independent appeal of The Avenues; Hull has its fair share of great spots to...

30 July 2018
What’s the deal with v60 filter coffee?

The cone-shaped coffee dripper at the pinnacle of hipster coffee shop culture. Ornate-looking apparatus often wielded by bearded, beanie-sporting, flannel-wearing baristas. Even Mcdonald’s have poked fun at the fiddly, over-complicated nature of this particular mode of coffee brewing. Broadcasting their TV advert damning the fussy nature of today’s trendy coffee scene. You may have even...

08 April 2018
GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

"Here is an article about Rockcity, your Personal Data, Privacy, Data Protection, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how we at Rockcity use such data and why. For 23 years Rockcity has collected and used the personal data of its members of the skatepark and climbing centre and also customers of our retail...

31 January 2018
Hull Banksy

So immediately the worst of Hull's graffiti scene decided to enhance it with probably the finest examples of why people consider graffiti to be a crime. A lot of excitement and discussion occurred and Hull was a wash of culture and selfies.  Many visitors to the new attraction were targeted by traffic wardens and were...

17 October 2017
Vans Store Hull

" Welcome to the Rockcity Vans Store, situated inside the mighty Rockcity Skatepark in Hull.  It is a bit of a first really, the only Official Vans Shop in Shop to be opened at a Skatepark in the UK, Europe and maybe even the States. Unlike your average Vans Store on the High Street or...