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One of the UK's largest Climbing Centres. Top Rope and Lead Climbing on Tall Walls and more Bouldering Walls than most other centres and with a steep 'Solo Wall' section too.

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Rockcity Skatepark

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  • Bazza’s Rockcity Skatepark ‘actual tour’

    Rockcitys very own Bazza's Rockcity Skatepark edit, giving you a great look around as a kind of 'actual tour' showing off both Barry's riding skills and the Rockcity Plaza, Rockcity Skatepark and latest addition the Rockcity Bowl.

    Author: Rockcity

  • BSD BMX Jam

    Here is Rockcity Skatepark being ridden as it was intended. BSD brought their crew down as part of their 'Road to Rebel' tour. Awesome riding skills from Dan Paley, Sam Jones, Alex D, Reed Stark, Chaz Mailey, Connor Mailey and Liam Zingbergs.

    Author: Rockcity