Vans Store Hull

Vans Store Hull


Welcome to the Rockcity Vans Store, situated inside the mighty Rockcity Skatepark in Hull.  It is a bit of a first really, the only Official Vans Shop in Shop to be opened at a Skatepark in the UK, Europe and maybe even the States.Vans Store Hull 7

Unlike your average Vans Store on the High Street or in a Shopping Mall our Vans Store in Hull is a proper Pro Skate Store, stocking the widest choice in the UK of the Vans Pro Skate range all under one roof.

Vans Store Hull 8

We also have the best range of skateboard hardware in Hull and East Yorkshire too.  Representing the best UK, European and US brands, using our 23 years of skateboard knowledge to keep the city topped up with the freshest hand picked produce.

Vans Store Hull 3

To complement the Vans Store we represent BMX parts too.  We were left with little choice but to furnish our shop with a good ‘in stock’ selection of BMX Pro Bike Parts to support the world famous Hull BMX scene who make up a vital part of both the Rockcity Skatepark scene and also pumping life-blood into the UK BMX scene.

Vans Store Hull 6

One of the best things about our Vans Store at Rockcity Skatepark in Hull is the access to it.  We are open longer than any other Vans Store, skateboard store or BMX shop in the UK by a mile.  We also have free, off road, car parking so you can get to us easily in a hurry.  good motorway links us to the rest of the North of England too.

If you cant get to us then why not shop online for Vans skate?”

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