What’s the deal with v60 filter coffee?

What’s the deal with v60 filter coffee?

The cone-shaped coffee dripper at the pinnacle of hipster coffee shop culture. Ornate-looking apparatus often wielded by bearded, beanie-sporting, flannel-wearing baristas. Even Mcdonald’s have poked fun at the fiddly, over-complicated nature of this particular mode of coffee brewing. Broadcasting their TV advert damning the fussy nature of today’s trendy coffee scene. You may have even wandered into an upmarket cafe and been offered one of these mystical cups of coffee in the past. But what exactly is a v60?

Hario, the Japanese company who manufacture these small cone filters that sit atop your coffee cup, are a dab hand in the industry and have been making coffee paraphernalia since the 1940s. In true Japanese pragmatism, the simple reasoning behind the name ‘v60’ refers to the 60 degree angle of the ‘V’ shaped dripper. At it’s heart, the concept of the v60 very much reflects this logical approach. It’s a cone that you put ground coffee beans in and then pour hot water over, it’s as simple as that. However, as with most things in the strange sphere of artisinal food and drink, many complications are constantly flavouring the mix. How coarsely should I grind the coffee? How hot should the water be? Am I pouring the water too fast?

Just like making a good cocktail takes time and practise (and a certain degree of showmanship), pouring the perfect v60 coffee can depend on several factors. However, this shouldn’t deter people from buying one of these nifty drippers for use in their home. They are one of the most enjoyable ways to experiment with brewing coffee and can be bought for as little as £5. The perfect gateway to the world of coffee geekery.

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