ROCK-IT, The Centre of Gravity Research’ is the latest Clip and Climb area at Rockcity Climbing Centre.  This new ‘space’ brings you a new twist to the climbing wall.  Rather than the standard ‘real rock’ effects or the bold, block colours made popular by manufacturers like Walltopia.  We have added the latest in climbing wall surface texture and painting.  Using our local graffiti hero, to create a truly new and original concept.  it’s definitely a world away from our first Clip and Climb Zone in the 1990’s

The new ROCK-IT bridges the gap that exists between the legoesque, super mario style, plastic theme park set ups you are likely to find in the shopping mall.  Things like ‘Funtopia®’ and ‘Clip ‘n’ Climb®’ build.  In total contrast to the type of grown up climbing walls that Rockcity and other traditional climbing centres have.  At Rockcity we have never really liked the slippery, wobbly experience these facilities produce.  Its about as far away from a rock climbing wall or real climbing experience as you can get (in our opinion).  At Rockcity Climbing Centre we are all about the 100% climbing.

As we experienced with our Rockcity Castle and Rockcity Falcon kids bouldering areas we built a few years back.  You can, with a fantastic themed custom paint job (our very own Art Wall Shield) add more fun to the mix.  Allowing younger children to experience at a younger age, the joys and exhilaration of rock climbing.  Who knows, we might see some of these young climbers somewhere down the line at the Olympics one day.

What is Clip and Climb?

Clip and Climb is the simplest way to attach novice climbers to a belay system for taller walls.  Without the need to tie safety knots or be competent at belaying.  Usually we don’t allow anyone to attach to a harness to climb with a carabiner.  All climbers in the main Rockcity Climbing Centre use a fig 8 knot to ‘tie in’.   So, unlike ‘Top Roped’ and ‘Lead Climbing’ belay methods for the taller climbing walls the ‘Clip and Climb’ as its commonly known, is just that.  You can simply rock up, get clipped in and then can go and climb, with a mechanical belay device doing the hard work.  Always safest in that particular order.

These are sometimes commonly called ‘Auto Belay’ or ‘Self Belay’ but we don’t like to call them by these names.  There is nothing automatic about them, if you don’t ‘clip’ in then there is no belay at all!  just like the old ‘Clunk, Click’ clip and climb is widely accepted as the safest way to describe this belay method.

As with our family bouldering areas we are seeing greater interest from younger climbers and their families.  The Clip and Climb option suits those who can’t belay.  When compared to the additional skills required use the Top Roped Walls or lead Walls.  Having the option for up to 12 people to clip in and climb all at the same time.  This means less time stood around.  That’s why it is a win, win for young children and novices.