Hands on with the innovative REVO Belay Device by Wild Country

Hands on with the innovative REVO Belay Device by Wild Country


We excited to say we’ve just got our hands on the brand new REVO Belay device, an award winning innovation by Wild Country.

The REVO is the first bi-directional belay device. The device boasts a symmetrical design giving the user the ability to load the rope both ways. Operating just like a tube-style device it was straight forward setting up for a few trial runs.

The device also hosts an assisted-locking feature, which leads into the reason for the circular design. The rope threads around an internal inertia wheel; which when spun at a speed of which lower a climber of 4 meters per second triggers the locking mechanism. A number low enough to lock the device in the case of a fall, but also high enough to allow the rope to tug without unintentionally locking up. There is no way to bypass the locking mechanism, however a simple pull on the breaking rope will release the lock.

“I was impressed by how smoothly the device functioned, I was able to belay without interruptions.”

The device is really simple to use and requires no more than the standard belaying experience. The REVO has no levers or mechanisms to get used to, which can often be a hurdle for complex grigri’s.

The REVO ticked every box for our novice climbers, our regular climbers and even our instructors. The device finds the perfect balance between safety, simplicity and experience.

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