Patagonia Shop in Hull

Patagonia Shop in Hull

patagonia shop

Maybe its a result of the City of Culture or perhaps the hard work of Rockcity over the last 24 years in building a unique scene in Hull.  Possibly its both of these things.  Kingston-upon-Hull has a Patagonia Shop as part of the uber trendy Rockcity store on Hawthorn Avenue.

Patagonia is a very special brand.  It has been there as an example to other brands to follow.  We cant appreciate our planet, nature and the wilderness if we dont respect it and care for it.  Simple,  Patagonia donate 1% to the planet.  So that all profits relate directly to putting something back, rather than taking things out.

Outdoor brands and climbing brands should be ethical, responsible.  Care about what you make and how you make it and this will lead to a better brand, trusted by loyal customers.  Patagonia would rather fix up your old jacket than sell you a new one.  They have a travelling road show that repairs zips and rips.  Not just their garments but for any of the other brands,.  Even those who don’t really worry too much about the giving back versus taking out ratio.

Perhaps this is why a Patagonia Shop has a certain kudos.  Knowing that Patagonia won’t just open up a new Patagonia Shop anywhere.  In fact it’s one of the most difficult brands to get new business with.  Rather than selling tonnes of products, to tonnes of shops, year after year and flooding the market Patagonia would rather keep everything real and tight so that people buy Patagonia gear only when they are serious about doing so.

All Patagonia products are designed to last so you aren’t pressured to buy ‘next seasons colours’ to replace ‘this seasons colours’ whilst still wearing ‘last seasons colours’ because unlike a lot of brands out to sell as much as they can Patagonia adds only a couple of new colour options each season but rolls over the main colours, season after season.  The result?  Your threads stay on trend for longer.  Black is always the new black.

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