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Patagonia Centered Tights – Maple Camo: Smolder Blue

Size: Medium, Small, XS


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For yoga, running, climbing or under skirts and dresses, these tights are one of Patagonia’s most versatile bottoms. A soft, high-performance stretchy and breathable recycled polyester/elastane knit fabric provides a compression fit, remains supportive and retains recovery all day long. They feature both MiDori  and bioSoft (a plant seed–based multi-purpose fabric softener) to increase wicking speeds and ensure long-term softness and HeiQ Fresh durable odor control. And they’re Fair Trade Certified sewn, which means the people who made them earned a premium for their labor.

In 1993, Patagonia introduced fleece into their product line made from recycled plastic soda bottles (PSR) and were the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to do so. This is a positive step towards a more sustainable world! Today Patagonia uses recycled soda bottles, unusable manufacturing waste, and worn out garments to manufacture the polyester fibres that produce many of their clothes.By using recycled polyester fabrics, it lessens the dependence on petroleum as a raw material source, curbs discards and reduces toxic emissions from incinerators.

These Centered Tights contains Polygiene® odour control which permanently protects your garments from unpleasant or unwanted smells. Although sweat itself is odourless, it provides the perfect environment for bacteria and encourages them to multiply and some of those bacteria produce odours. Polygiene permanent odour control prevents this growth of odour-causing bacteria on fabrics, keeping you and your clothing fresh. Polygiene permanent odour control is only active on the garments surface and therefore will not interfere with your bodies natural bacterial flora, nor can the Polygiene particles penetrate the skin.

Patagonia items are Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, which means a premium is paid to ensure the workers earn a decent amount and helps to promote health and safety as well as a positive work environment. Fair Trade is one of the first tools used by Patagonia to raise workers’ wages, improve their standard of living and move them closer to earning a living wage. Patagonia’s fabrics are also Bluesign™ approved, meaning they offer the best level of consumer safety by utilising methods and materials during manufacturing in order to become more sustainable and minimise environmental impacts.

Patagonia has worked with bluesign technologies since 2000 to evaluate and reduce resource consumption in their materials supply chain, and to assist us with managing the chemicals, dyes and finishes used in the process. bluesign technologies, based in Switzerland, works at each step in the textile supply chain to approve chemicals, processes, materials, and products that are safe for the environment, safe for workers, and safe for the end customers.

In 2007, Patagonia became the first brand to officially join the network of bluesign® system partners.
Any fabric you see that’s bluesign approved offers the highest level of consumer safety by employing methods and materials in their manufacture that conserve resources and minimize impacts on people and the environment.

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