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Metolius Climbing Tape


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The Metolius Climbing Tape is an athletic tape made from 100% cotton with a super sticky formula to guarantee a firm stick for a long duration., o you don’t have to worry about it coming off mid climb! This tape is perfect  for further protecting your hands from splitting and cracking by giving them 100% cover. It also comes with a step- by- step taping instruction illustration on the front, which guides you through the correct way to tape up in order to give you the best support possible. Not only can this tape be used to strengthen your sore fingers/ hands, it can also be used for your basic first aid needs if necessary!

The Metolius climbing tape measures 1½” in width and 33″ in length, that’s 3.8 cm x 10 m for those that prefer to work in metric units. This is a great size because it means that it can be cut down to best suit your needs, and its long length guarantees that it will survive many climbing trips before you will have to replace it! Furthermore, Metoluis have made this tape rip-able so you don’t have to carry scissors around with you.

Available in Blue, Lime Green, Pink and Gold.

Weight 300 g



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