TOP 5 Mad Climbing Volumes

TOP 5 Mad Climbing Volumes

Illusion Izohypse Fried Egg
In the crazy world of indoor climbing walls things are getting whackier. The creation and setting of bouldering problems are art-forms within their own right. But bouldering enthusiast are finding more and more creative ways to bring a new level of magnificence to the madness of bouldering. Volumes are growing in popularity as well as variety, resulting in a mad mix up to your standard bouldering problems.
We’ve caught the mad volume fever too…
Here at Rockcity we’ve gone mad with the use of volumes which have gone down a treat for our latest bouldering competition; Bloctoberfest.
Here are our Top Five Mad Climbing Volumes Designs.

Our Top 5 Mad Climbing Volumes


Tthe four part, 3m high, 100kg super fibreglass volume has to be the one of the biggest out there.  Adding this to any flat panel will transform it.

Aix 3m volume

No. 4 – Si2 Artwork on the ROCK-IT

This Graffiti Paint job on a conventional ply volume shape has crammed some aliens into a shuttle type craft and is cruising around the Rockcity Clip and Climb Zone.  Rockcity, our Hull Climbing Centre continues to set the trends and has brought fun and crazy designs to include the use of mad climbing volumes.


No. 3 – Rubiks Cube at BlockOut Strasbourg

It might not technically be a volume, its kind of a free standing boulder but feels like a huge volume in the middle of the hall.  Pretty mad however you look at it.  These french boulder gym masters have a unique and crazy style at each of their different gyms across France.
BlockOut Rubiks Cube

BlockOut Rubiks Cube

No. 2 – Illusion Izohypse giant duel textured ‘fried egg’ fibreglass volume

Actually very nicely finished and the texture (in yellow) is a high quality too.  Its just, well, you kind of want to dip your toast in it.  Once again these guys are making waves in the mad climbing volumes market.
Illusion Izohypse Fried Egg

Illusion Izohypse Fried Egg

No. 1 – Rockcity Falcon boasts a Millenium falcon Cock Pit volume

This Hull based climbing Centre offering bouldering for all ages, from 2 years old to World Cup standard bouldering.  The Rockcity Falcon isn’t just a hybrid of a children’s climbing frame and crazy mad volume climbing style that makes it unique but now the centre of a lot of visitors profile pictures.

All of these crazy mad climbing volume designs brighten up the world of indoor climbing.

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