King Kong Holds

King Kong Holds

“Our review of all things climbing holds continues with a look at King Kong Holds.   We have used King Kong Holds for a number of years and have been pretty pleased with them.  For a small manufacturer they were quite ahead in terms of shapes of holds, definitely ahead of the bigger climbing wall manufacturers.

We like the Turtle Shells and are much happier that they weren’t just generically called ‘Font’ holds but they not only remind us of Fontainebleau but they actually do it better than a lot who have dared to call theirs as ‘Font’ like.


Overall a great set of quite sloping, pinch holds that are certainly a refreshing change from crimp, jug, repeat.  You even get a Turtle shaped holds for good measure.  Having the Turtle pattern gives those subtle little dimples that really help slopers to work better.

The next lot is the Sons of Kongs Holds.  These are a lot more ‘indoor climbing grips’ than some of the others.  OK for kids and beginners but they don’t really stand up to modern technical route or bouldering setting, the world has changed and so have climbing holds!



Pockets are a pretty good set.  We are not really big fans of pocket shaped climbing holds, they usually don’t work very well and then are difficult to fix to the wall as the bolt hole is very off centre and if used up side down they are very likely to spin.

All that said they are good holds, simple shapes and although the detail is quite basic it doesnt over complicate the hold and add any sharp bits.pockets







We have been pretty happy with the King Kong Holds.  They have lasted pretty well, there are a few things to note.  Unlike a lot of Polyester Resin Climbing Holds they do have a wire device to keep the hold together when it breaks.  They dont have a washer in which can cause the bolt to wear into the hold and this does weaken them.  Over time all of the small holds have died but that said all the medium and large holds are still going strong, carrying a few chips here and there and as PE does, they have washed out quite a lot.”

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