Rockcity Freestanding – Kilter Board Bouldering Matting – For 12′ x 12′

£7,000.00 Excl. VAT (Inc. VAT £7,000.00)

conforms to EN 12572:2-2017

Integrated - Kilter Board Bouldering Matting - For 12 x 12

conforms to EN 12572:2-2017

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Our custom Kilter Board Bouldering Matting, 5.4m deep and 6.7m wide ensuring a decent landing area to each side and from the most overhanging angle the Kilter Board will go.

50cm thick the matting protects the climber from falls and completely covering the built-in legs of the Kilter Board to guarantee the 30cm of matting required for the safe use of a bouldering wall.
For use with a freestanding Kilter Board

conforms to EN 12572:2-2017