Hull Banksy

Hull Banksy

Hull Banksy

What a week for street art in Hull.  On Thursday people noticed a new piece of graffiti art on an old raised bridge in Scott Street, Wincolmlee, Hull.  By Friday Banksy had posted ‘RAISE THE DRAWBRIDGE !’ and included a photo of his work.

So immediately the worst of Hull’s graffiti scene decided to enhance it with probably the finest examples of why people consider graffiti to be a crime.

A lot of excitement and discussion occurred and Hull was a wash of culture and selfies.  Many visitors to the new attraction were targeted by traffic wardens and were all given a combined ‘admission ticket and souvenir’ in a little plastic pouch stuck to the windscreen.

The public blamed the city council for not acting quick enough to protect it, the city council blamed Banksy for doing it before a weekend when they were shut. One hull man is a villian, another Hull man is a hero, its been a roller coaster of week and kept the Hull Daily Mail full of content which is a plus.

What has this piece of public protest got to do with climbing walls.  Nothing really, except to say that if whoever is deemed responsible to protect artistic, political acts of vandalism then the solution was sitting some 200 metres away from the Hull Banksy.  Rockcity Art Wall Shield.  Oh, and yes it does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’.  It protects Art on Walls!

Banksy post

We developed this product for initially our own use at Rockcity in conjunction with our Hull paint manufacturing partner, CooVar.  Now CooVar live so close to Hull’s new Banksy that we have both offered to get involved in restoring and preserving this piece of street art.  Rockcity Art Wall Shield usually is used to protect graffiti artists work on the surface of a climbing wall so that the wear and tear of all that fun and adventure doesnt wear it away.

Paint tin blue (1)

This protective coating is kind on the original artwork, tough on foreign invaders, like paint and pens.  Granted, its not a force field but it resists attack and shields the art.  Who would have thought that the answer was so close to home.  Anyway, we have written this article to get it out there, so that the next time somebody wants to keep graffiti and not have it removed then you know what to do.  _MG_6360

Finally, yes we did get in touch with Hull City Council and offer to help.  We suggested it gets cleaned before wrapping up in perspex, you know, while the white wash is still not yet fully cured.”

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