GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation


“Here is an article about Rockcity, your Personal Data, Privacy, Data Protection, the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and how we at Rockcity use such data and why.

For 23 years Rockcity has collected and used the personal data of its members of the skatepark and climbing centre and also customers of our retail store to deliver our service.  We have never passed or shared any information with any other third party so that they can contact you or directly market other products and services to you.

Having spent the last few months preparing to comply with GDPR we are happy to report that our principles and standards were already compliant, we obviously have had to write the new policy up into words to be fully compliant.

We share some of your Personal Data only with organisations where we have to.  So for our shop customers, we have shared card holder information with banks and card processing companies, always within the DSS PCI Compliance Standards.  If you order goods via our website then we share the necessary Personal Data with a courier who is then contracted to deliver your new gear.

Our Rockcity CASC Skatepark and Climbing Facilities collect and store your Personal Data when you join and then every time you visit us.  We don’t do a lot with this data, particularly on an individual basis.  Typically we combine all the data to give us a better idea of how the centre gets used, when its busy and when its quieter.  This helps us to predict when we need the most staff on and also when we can schedule maintenance and repairs too.  We will contact people if we have a legitimate reason to notify them of changes to our rules or opening times or services.  We would also share your Personal Data if it was in your Vital Interest, if you had to go to hospital for example.

Over the years we have been asked by many organisations and businesses to get let them get thier hands on your Personal Data.  We have always said ‘no’.

We have even refused to pass personal data on to Governing Bodies like The BMC (British Mountaineering Council) or The ABCTT (Association of British Climbing Walls Training Trust) because guarantees were refused on how or where the data would be passed on and to whom.  We were even excluded from delivering NICAS (National Indoor climbing Award Scheme) for two years because of our stand.  Eventually after a long and unpleasant dispute the ABCTT permitted NICAS providers to not have to pass on Personal Data.

The new law requires us to write a very detailed and legal policy document which will add to your reading pleasure many times in the months that follow may 25th 2018.  For Rockcity we feel that all this work is unnecessary considering the respect we have shown your Personal Data over 20+ years.  But due to some less scrupulous and more careless organisations we all have to do this.

We have added our new Privacy Policies to both the Rockcity CASC Skatepark and Climbing Membership Forms and also to our online website sales as part of the Payment Process so you will have to read and accept this policy.

Please dont vent your frustration towards Rockcity or even the good old European Union for making this happen, so that now we all have to take up more of our time with these extra restrictions we now have had to put in place.  Instead please remember that its the likes of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Vote Leave, Cambridge Analytica, Google and Donald Trump that have seriously abused us all and our Personal Data and that filling in and reading extra forms is the least of our personal freedoms being eroded.”

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