Flame Climbing Holds

Flame Climbing Holds

Here are Rockcity Climbing Centre we have just introduced a new brand range of climbing holds to both our climbing centre and to the UK.  The completely new range is from Bulgarian hold manufacturer FLAME.

Spotting a gap in the market for creative and artistic climbing holds its pretty clear that FLAME HOLDS are sure to make a burning impression!

The new Flame climbing holds will stand out around the climbing wall for sure with their intricately carved designs.  The detail is incredible, especially the faces.  It’s almost the last thing you want, is for the climbing wall itself to staring at you whilst you are pushing yourself to the limit.

The holds have great shape, good texture and are available in a new ultra hard wearing material so there should be plenty of grip over the months and years.

The bolt-on holds will definitely jazz up any climbing wall or climbing centre, Although we don’t think that you would want to cover the entire climbing wall with these holds as it would become too busy,  When you do find one, you will definitely notice it, they are sure to be the topic of conversation.

Apart from the Flames and the Faces these new holds also have their ‘Tubes’.  These are a pretty funky set of XL jugs that are also quite pinchable.  We have added a line of these to our Abyss roof and they make a good change from the usual incut jugs that are common.


Again, using new materials they are able to create shapes that previously haven’t been possible due to the limitations of older resin technology. Having recently visited these guys and having seen some of the new prototype holds its safe to say that there is a lot more ‘detailed’ carved holds about to hit production.
Finally they have a ‘Grit’ range.  We have a set of mini jugs and medium jugs here, a lot more ‘mainstream’ than the others in the range.

All told the variety from FLAME climbing holds is pretty wide and there is definitely something for all tastes.

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