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Sometimes it’s hard to find out exactly what you want to know online.  Please use the following Frequently Asked Questions to unravel the marvels of what we have on offer.

Rockcity Skatepark

The minimum age to go in the skatepark is 8 yrs, but a parent or guardian needs to stay in the viewing area (within the coffee shop) whilst their child is in the skatepark if the child is under 10 yrs.  Children aged 10 yrs and above can be dropped off and left to use the skatepark without their parents staying.  All parents are welcome to stay in the viewing area whilst their children use the skatepark.

We do not hire out any helmets or any other personal protective equipment as we can not know what impact a helmet has had on a day to day basis if it has been hired out.   Impact damage on helmets is not always visible but it can affect how the safety equipment performs, so it is important to have your own helmet and know exactly how it’s been used and when it needs replacing.  We do sell helmets in our Skate Shop.

Helmets must be worn by all Skaters, Scooterers and BMX/MTB riders under 18 years of age. Helmets must also be worn by all Skateboarders under 13 years of age.

Skateboarders 13+, Scooterers, BMX/MTB riders and Skaters 18+ are strongly advised to wear a helmet too.

However, helmets must be worn by all people at all times of all ages in the Foam / Resi Room, even if you are not Skating or riding.

Knee/Elbow pads – All skatepark users, of any age, are strongly advised to wear knee and elbow pads to reduce the severity of injuries which are common.

Wrist Guards – Wrist Guards must be worn by all Skaters under 18 years of age regardless of ability. All skaters aged 18+ yrs and all Skateboarders of any age are strongly advised to wear wrist guards too to prevent the severity of injuries which are common.

No, the skatepark has been designed for skatepark users and there are no designated spectating areas.

Having been around for over 20 years we pride ourselves on being a grown up skatepark built for competent skaters and riders.  Rockcity Skatepark is a fast flowing arena and for this reason we do not allow Spectators into the actual skatepark areas.

Parents – If you feel that you are uncomfortable letting your child into the skatepark without you there to ‘look after them’ then Rockcity Skatepark is probably not suitable for your child.    For those who can ‘let go’ then our trained and experienced team are on hand when needed.

Everyone is welcome to relax in the coffee shop where there is a viewing area in to the main skatepark

We have our prices split in to ‘Peak’ and ‘Off Peak’, so the price depends on when you are coming.

Peak Times (4-10pm Weekdays & all of the Weekend, Bank Holidays and School Holidays)

Price is for admission to the skatepark for the full session, regardless of how long you stay.  You can go out for lunch, dinner etc.

Peak £15.00
Off Peak £10.00


You are permitted to consume your own packed lunch, drinks and snacks in the following designated spaces, the raised area next to the 2 ft mini ramp in the main skatepark or the raised area at the far end of the bowl room.

No Food and Drink are permitted in the Foam Pit / Resi Room.

No littering is permitted. Please either take your rubbish home or use the recycling / bins provided.

We do not hire the skatepark out for customers to have a private party.  The skatepark is a community facility and we do not restrict members access.

It’s too difficult to say if we will be quiet at a specific time or not.  Weekdays when the kids are at school is a good time to come if you’re aged 16+ yrs and want a quieter period.  If you’re under 16 and want to come when its quieter, usually 4pm – 6pm during school term time is not too busy.  Weekends and school holidays are our busier periods, but the main skatepark, foam pit/resi room and the bowl room are all big enough to accommodate plenty of people.

Rockcity Coffee
Rockcity Climbing Centre

You’ll need to wear clothes that do not restrict your movement.  So wear clothes that you would wear at the gym or other sports clothing.  You will benefit from wearing clothes that you can layer and take off if you get too hot, or put back on if you cool down.  Don’t wear clothing that has drawcords as any loose clothing can become trapped in climbing equipment or on the climbing holds.  Don’t wear your best gear either as you will be climbing on walls that are abrasive.

Children as young as two years old can use the Kids Bouldering Rooms when fully supervised by a parent or guardian, but they are too young to go anywhere else in the centre.  Children aged 5+ yrs can go in the bouldering areas in the main centre if fully supervised by a parent or guardian.  Our instructors run courses for children aged 7+ yrs, see our Kids and Families section for further info.

We have a coffee shop that serves a great selection of coffees, loose leaf teas, cold drinks, hot chocolate and various slices.  There’s non dairy options available for slices and non dairy milk for hot chocolate, teas and coffees.

If you are an experienced climber you can just turn up and join as a member and use the roped climbing walls and bouldering areas.  If you are new to climbing you can come and use the boulder only areas or you can book a climbing instructor to supervise you whilst you climb.

Anyone going in to the bouldering areas and climbing areas must to be either signed in as a novice by a Rockcity member or be a Rockcity member.  There are no designated areas for spectating in the climbing wall and bouldering walls.  Everyone is welcome to relax in the coffee shop where there are viewing areas for some of the climbing wall and viewing to the main part of the skatepark

Food is not so be consumed in any of the climbing areas.  Do not eat and climb at the same time to avoid risk of choking.  Drinks may be consumed near the equipment storage areas away from the climable surfaces , providing that the drinking container has a re-sealable closure.  Under no circumstances are drink permitted on the bouldering matting.

If you’re new to climbing, we do an Adult Introduction Course and we will pair you up with another climbing.

If you’re a competent climber and are new to Rockcity, just come and boulder and you’ll meet people who you’ll be able to climbing with.  Everyone is very friendly.

Rockcity Online Shopping

We are unable to guarantee that you will receive your delivery on a certain day because we have to reply heavily on third party couriers and Royal Mail to ship your goods.  We always try to ensure that your goods are delivered using a ‘Signed For’ service within 2 days of us receiving your order.  However, this can take longer if it includes a weekend or if you place your order over a Bank Holiday etc.  In more extreme cases, postal services can be affected by bad weather, strikes or vehicle breakdown, which it turn can impact on the speed of your delivery.  We always advise that if you need something delivering before a certain date, someones birthday for example, it’s best to get it ordered sooner rather than later.

No, if you place an order online, we will only deliver it to the shipping address stated on your order.