Fabric Skateboards

Fabric Skateboards

Fabric Skateboards has been one of the UK’s top hardware companies for some time now and after having a revamp earlier this year we can only say that the new range is better than ever.

With a huge re-stock now available here at Rockcity, we thought it best to catch up with team rider and new art director Jason Lewer to get abit of behind the scenes info.

MK: The new range of hardgoods just dropped and they are definitely alot more refined and cohesive to a theme than previous ranges, What made you step up to the plate and take over the art direction of the brand and what direction do you see the artwork taking in the future?

JL: Well first of all thank you, this is the first range I’ve done for Fabric and I believe it’s gone down pretty well. I worked as a designer for years but I always tried to keep it separate. An opportunity came up for Fabric and I decided to put myself forward. Being so personally invested in the brand puts me in a good position to lead its art direction, I really care about it and want it to succeed.

Although caring so much does have its drawbacks, Theres so many board brands out there at the moment and we all have the same influences. A few times I’ve had to cease working on designs that I’ve put hours of work into because another brand will release something along the same path. Its hard to stay creative when you’re also trying to second guess public opinion in the corner of your mind.

As for the future, I’m just finishing off the next range now, including some clothing. The range is pretty clean and I’m really happy with it so far. I’m looking forward to setting one up already.


MK: As i’m aware the Travel Series was done by guest artist Jamie Jones, What made you want to get Jamie on board and how was it working with an artist with such a distinct illustrative style?

JL: Well I’ve been following Jamie’s work for some time. We went to the same Uni back in Bristol and we used to skate together there. When I was piecing together the first drop I knew I wanted an illustrative series in there—for a while myself and one of Fabric’s owners David had been talking about these old travel agent posters and thought that the style would look great on a board. I instantly got in touch with Jamie and got him working on the series. We spoke about the cities and there general features of the boards but otherwise I let him just get on with it. I didn’t want to direct him too much, as after all it was his work that we wanted, not mine. He kept me updated as he progressed with the designs to make sure we were on the same track but the whole process was very painless and easy. Thank you Jamie! Check his work out at www.whoisjamiejones.com


MK: Obviously there has been a few team changes recently, Are there any plans to expand the team or is everybody happy with the current roster?

JL: Yeah there has been a little change, we said goodbye to Paul, he’s gone to follow his own path—we were both on Fabric’s original line up so it was a pretty big deal. There’s no immediate plans to put anyone else on at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped us looking. For now we’re keeping busy and keeping the momentum from our Promo going.


MK: With that in mind, is there a plan for a full length video in the works right now? 

JL: Yeah there is. We did our promo and thought it was time to do a full length video. Its pretty exciting but also a little nerve racking. James has just recovered from a break and I just fractured my leg on my first filming trip for it after finishing up a Thunder clip. In fact I think the whole team is recovering from some sort of injury. I suppose it’s better to do it now than closer to the deadline.

I’m looking forward to travelling the UK filming for it, as well as a few trips abroad. Thats the best bit for sure, visiting tons of new spots with the whole crew and seeing how everyone skates differently, it’s a good excuse to get everyone together and hang out.



MK: What has Fabric got planned for the rest of 2015 and can we expect to see any of the riders turn pro?

 JL: Well first of all the next line of product should be going into production soon, so that’ll be hitting shelves. A lot of the riders are working on interviews and video parts across several different platforms also. As for a new pro… I haven’t designed any new pro boards yet so lets put it that way, but traditionally that sort of thing happens after the video comes out right? So don’t expect anything soon.

 MK: Thanks Jason.

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