Core Climbing Holds

Core Climbing Holds

Core large graniteCore Climbing Holds is probably the biggest UK manufacturer with literally almost every climbing centre in the UK using their ranges.  Core Holds have several ‘core’ ranges, each of which is split pretty well across the conventional shapes of traditional ‘bolt-on’ holds.

The carving of their ‘real rock’ holds is well done.  Out of the lot we prefer the Grit and Granite one as unlike the Font and Limestone versions the shapes a re a bit more alternative.  We think Core do very good Jugs in particular.  In fact, most climbing centres in the UK have a lot of their easy routes and boulder circuits in these Core Climbing Holds.

So far so good – Core make great looking holds and offer a good solid range of shapes and styles.  Once again for us at Rockcity its the Polyester Resin, the only material Core offers, that gets the thumbs down.  Small holds break all too easily and all holds fade fairly quickly when washed.  Partly the white powder fillers typically used in PE holds and partly the lack of UV stability.

Core Mini SlopersDespite this we have bought lots in the past, just like the other centres and apart from the small breakages the larger holds are pretty solid and dont break.

We have even bought some recently, their ‘CORE’ holds.  THere are not many climbing holds out there that come in pairs and are truely symmetrical.  The Core ‘Core’ Holds are!

These holds we have used on our Symmetrical System Boards and as these holds are permanently on these training boards we dont have to take them off and wash them too much, which is were the fading and the chipping comes from so we highly recommend these holds for this purpose.

All in all we are into Core stuff and they make some good stuff.


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