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Concept KTX GOLD Premium Professional Woodscrew – 5 x 100mm

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Box of 150 screws.

  • KTX head recess.
  • Suitable for pozi, square, philips square, and KTX screw bits.
  • Stick fit head for KTX, square and some pozi drive bits. No wobbling or head slippage and minimum damage to head recess from use.
  • Internal, C1022 heat-treated hardened steel
  • Deep drive head recess
  • Double countersunk
  • Fast pull out capability due to stick fit head
  • Angled ribs for smooth finish
  • All screws accompanied by 50mm hardened steel KTX bit ideally suited for impact drivers, hammer/drill drivers and drill drivers. All M3.0 useKTX No.1 bit, all M3.5 – M5.0 use KTX No.2 bit and all M6.0 use KTXNo.3 bit
  • Very sharp start point for fast penetration
  • Significantly reduced splitting in timber allowing close to edge fixing
  • Lubricated coating for ease of entry into timber
  • Suited to hardwood, softwood, MDF, plywood, Chipboard, composite
  • Precision TYA-17 curved cut
  • Helical thread cut
  • KTX Gold Salt spray tested beyond 400 hours
  • Coarse thread
  • Precision manufactured
  • Flathead
  • All KTX screws are CE rated EN:14592

KTX Leaflet 2017 – 1

KTX Leaflet 2017 – 2

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