Climbing Holds

Spanning over 25 years Rockcity is in a unique position to know what climbing holds should be like. Combining our experience as a commercial gym operator and in product design. This helps us to understand the shapes that route setters need. With modern, super busy climbing walls and especially huge new bouldering gyms pushing the limits of how we use climbing holds.
All of our PU Dannomond ranges are tried and tested to the latest BS EN 12572 3 2017.

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Iconic Stealth F-117 Positive Dual Texture – 1200mm

£346.00 excl. VAT Rockcity£415.20 incl. VAT

Basic Slopers – M

£197.41 excl. VAT Rockcity£236.89 incl. VAT
Cobbles Jugs XS Overview pink

Cobble Jugs – XS

£80.56 excl. VAT Rockcity£96.67 incl. VAT
Derail XXXL overview orange

Derails – XXXL

£326.57 excl. VAT Rockcity£391.88 incl. VAT
Derails XXL overview orange

Derails – XXL

£201.63 excl. VAT Rockcity£241.96 incl. VAT
Derails XL overview orange

Derails – XL

£155.49 excl. VAT Rockcity£186.59 incl. VAT
Crobes XXXL overview purple web

Crobes – XXXL

£403.41 excl. VAT Rockcity£484.09 incl. VAT
Crobes XXL overview purple

Crobes – XXL

£242.90 excl. VAT Rockcity£291.48 incl. VAT
Crobes XL Overview purple web

Crobes – XL

£184.11 excl. VAT Rockcity£220.93 incl. VAT
Cobbles Slopers XXXL Overview pink

Cobble Slopers – XXXL

£332.02 excl. VAT Rockcity£398.42 incl. VAT
Cobbles Slopers M Overview pink

Cobble Slopers – M

£183.99 excl. VAT Rockcity£220.79 incl. VAT

Cobble Slopers – XS

£72.13 excl. VAT Rockcity£86.56 incl. VAT
Cobbles Slopers S Overview pink

Cobble Slopers – S

£95.52 excl. VAT Rockcity£114.62 incl. VAT
Cobbles Slopers L Overview pink

Cobble Slopers – L

£113.99 excl. VAT Rockcity£136.79 incl. VAT
Cobbles Edges XL Overview pink

Cobble Edges – XL

£162.66 excl. VAT Rockcity£195.19 incl. VAT
Cobbles Jugs XXXL Overview pink

Cobble Jugs – XXXL

£416.62 excl. VAT Rockcity£499.94 incl. VAT
Cobbles Jugs XXL Overview pink

Cobble Jugs – XXL

£262.63 excl. VAT Rockcity£315.16 incl. VAT
Cobbles Jugs XL Overview pink

Cobble Jugs – XL

£187.77 excl. VAT Rockcity£225.32 incl. VAT
Cobbles Edges M Overview pink

Cobble Edges – M

£156.82 excl. VAT Rockcity£188.18 incl. VAT
Cobbles Edges S Overview

Cobble Edges – S

£76.35 excl. VAT Rockcity£91.62 incl. VAT
Cobbles Edges XS Overview pink

Cobble Edges – XS

£61.39 excl. VAT Rockcity£73.67 incl. VAT
Cobbles Edges L Overview pink

Cobble Edges – L

£163.43 excl. VAT Rockcity£196.12 incl. VAT
Cobbles Screw On Overview pink

Cobble Screw Ons

£34.49 excl. VAT Rockcity£41.39 incl. VAT

Basic Jugs – L/XL

£149.59 excl. VAT Rockcity£179.51 incl. VAT

Basic Jugs – M/L

£228.15 excl. VAT Rockcity£273.78 incl. VAT
Pebbles - Small-0

Pebbles – S

£89.71 excl. VAT Rockcity£107.65 incl. VAT
North Yorkshire Sandstone - Screw On-0

North Yorkshire Sandstone – Screw On

£69.83 excl. VAT Rockcity£83.80 incl. VAT