Climbing Holds

We have stripped away all decoration from The Basics so that the setter can use the most purest of shapes to create a masterpiece.


Our most ergonomic range, perfectly rounded, open hand convex shapes suitable for easy angled walls without being sharp, even on the Jugs.


Ever changing, mutating shapes that can be used in a multitude of combinations, in any rotation that cannot be diagnosed by an unsuspecting climber.


Guaranteed to sap the power of any Superman or Supergirl. The more you try to use your force on the hold, the faster it weakens your grip.


Authentic sandstone shapes from North Yorkshire that bring the outdoors into the gym. Ideal for routes or technical blocs. Keep it real.

North Yorkshire Sandstone

Don’t be fooled by these cool shapes. Sure you can set fun stuff, but they all can be used as gnarly crimps. Pinches and sprags on any angle up to 45 degrees.