Climbing Holds

Rockcity Climbing Holds rose out of the ashes of the late 'S7' of the 1990's.  Spanning almost 25 year Rockcity is in a unique position to know what climbing holds should be like.  Combining our experience as a commercial gym operator and in product design.  This helps us to understand the shapes that route setters need.  With modern, super busy climbing walls and especially huge new bouldering gyms pushing the limits of how we use climbing holds.
Also the durability and long life span that gym owners and managers can appreciate too.  All our PU Dannomond ranges are tried and tested to the latest BS EN 12572 3 2017.  These improved safety features that using high performance Polyurethane material add to the mix.  As climbing gyms get busier then the need for strong colours to shine through.  This helps with the chalk and rubber that faded materials cannot cope with.