Bouldering Training

Bouldering Training



In more recent years bouldering has been rising in popularity mainly because of its ease of access for all… No training is required at all so it’s easy enough for anyone to come along and start bouldering training right away.

The numbers of boulder only members that turn up for bouldering training over the years has surged here at rockcity with many seeing it as an alternative to the normal gym session bringing some more variety into their excersise routine. We currently have 4 bouldering walls which caters to all ages and ability whether it toddlers or even a little older in age.

Bouldering is based heavily not only on strength in the arms and legs  but also core strenght, so incuding some simple excersises into your ecversise regime such as plank will help to improve your overall performance when bouldering. However, improving areas such as strength to weight ratio, hand and forearm muscular efficiency, and mobility.

Steve McClure bouldering training in our AbyssSteve McClure bouldering training in our Abyss










Want to see more climbing? Check out our YouTube channel now, and see what Rockcity is all about:

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