Best UK Indoor Skateparks

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The Best Indoor Skateparks In The UK To Ride BMX And Skateboard!

It’s difficult to mention a whole list of the best uk indoor skateparks without inluding ourselves. We are totally stoked on our skatepark but this website talks about that enough, we want to talk less about rockcity and more about the other great places to visit around the country.

Mpora made a list not long ago that mentions the top 5 best UK indoor skateparks and that inlcudes: (no particular order)

  • Ramp1, Warrington
  • Bay Sixty6, London
  • Rush, Stroud
  • Mount Hawke, Cornwall
  • Rockcity, Hull

Nass Festival then also made a list where they mentioned their top 7 favourite skateparks in the UK: (no particular order)

  • Beast Rampz, Manchester
  • Rush, Stroud
  • Ramp1, Warrington
  • Bay Sixty6, London
  • Rockcity, Hull
  • Mount Hawke, Cornwall
  • Rampworx, Liverpool

We’re happy Rockcity has appeared on both those lists so that’s enough boasting for one post and we will ignore that, lets talk about the other brilliant UK indoor skateparks.

Ramp1, Bay Sixty6, Rush and Mount Hawke are all mentioned on both lists and here’s why.


ramp1 street

Ramp1 skatepark in Warrington, Cheshire is one of the largest in the country covering 50,000 square ft of space including 9 different areas. Wanting to ride something different? Then Ramp1 has enough to offer ensuring you wont get tired of riding the same thing all day.

Bay Sixty6


Baysixty6 skatepark is split into three main sections: a bowl, a street section and a beginner section. Sponsored by NikeSB you can guarantee quality ramps and a sweet layout.



Rush skatepark is another one of the giantsĀ  made up of 5 sections laid out over a 40,000sq ft. warehouse. There is something for every type of rider/skater at Rush skatepark, whether you are into street skating or transitions. Rush skatepark should definitely be on your list of places to visit soon.

Mount Hawke

http _coresites-cdn.factorymedia.com_rideukbmx_new_wp-content_uploads_2016_06_e-IMG_3536

In May of 2016 Mount Hawke skatepark had a whole new design and layout fitted with a huge bowl being 7ft at its deepest. With plenty of different rails and ledges to hit you can definitily get creative with what the park has to offer. If your located close to Cornwall or fancy a day out riding with everyone then Mount Hawke is a must see.


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