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When you Skateboard or BMX or also if you Scooter, Roller Skate or Ride at the Rockcity Skatepark & Plaza you need to complete a Registration Form.  Currently you can print off the correct form and bring it signed with you.  This will save you time when you arrive, especially at busy times.

You can print out the relevant Registration Form below and either complete it yourself if you are 18 or over, or get your parent/guardian to complete it if you are aged between 8 and 17 years of age.

If you dont bring a completed form you can complete one (or your parent/guardian can) at Rockcity Reception but you are likely to experience delays in getting in the skatepark.

You will also need to have your own Skateboard, Scooter, Skates or Bike to use at Rockcity Skatepark along with any of the necessary protective equipment outlined in the Conditions of Use and Rules.

pdficon10-17 yrs Parental Consent Form

pdficonAdult Registration Form

>pdficonRules and Conditions of Use

We are soon introducing an online Pre-Registration version which will introduced before the winter season to enable more people to pass through reception in less time.


  • £10 – Weekdays in School Term Time and evenings.
  • £15-  All Day Weekends and School Holidays (Any admission before 2pm)
  • £10 – Weekends and School Holidays after 2pm

Session times:

  • At Rockcity Skatepark we no longer have session times, this means you are able to skate for as long as you like without any session restrictions!