Welcome Brian Johnson to the Rockcity Skate Team


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Welcome Brian Johnson to the Rockcity skate team!

Local Hull skater Brian Johnson started coming up to Rockcity to skate last year and has pretty much not missed a days skate since, along with working at Rockcity now you’ll find Brian in the skatepark most days whether he’s just chilling or if he’s down for a good session. We’re proud to welcome Brian Johnson to the Rockcity skate team!

Our in house videographer Mike Chudley got a couple of good solid sessions in with Brian in our park over the past few weeks to film this welcome to the Rockcity skate team video which actually ended up on Sidewalks website last week and got a lot of good attention for his “Crooked grinds for miles”. Brian manages to stack some pretty technical combos together and makes good use of the picnic tables, putting them across and down ledges and even up our euro gap! Manuals, ledge combos, gaps & rails If you haven’t already seen his Rockcity skate team video your definitely missing out!

Check out the full video here:

Also head over to our YouTube channel and hit subscribe! we’ve got some big stuff in the making and you won’t want to miss it, we promise.


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Written by: RockcityPublished: June 17, 2016