Rockcity 20th Skateboard Pro Comp

Dean gaps out to wallride at the Rockcity 20th Skateboard Pro Comp

What an awesome day.  Skaters from across the UK including some of the UK’s most respected pro skaters graced us with a great event to boost the local skate scene.

The Rockcity 20th Skateboard Pro Comp was hosted by none other than local skate legend, Scott Palmer.

It was a great day to celebrate both the local skate scene and the existence of Rockcity as the indoor skatepark at the centre of it.

When Scott Palmer calls, you better pick up the phone!

Having being summoned by The Don himself, the likes of James Foster, Ben Grove, Neil ‘The Legend’ Smith, Mark Baines, Mike Wright, Vaughan Jones, Gregoire Cuadrado and more head to the first annual Hull Rockcity Comp 2014.

Rather than read about how rad it was there are two edits of the day here for you to enjoy.

Check out a little gallery of photos from the day over on Sidewalks wesbite here:

Rockcity 20th Skateboard Pro Comp Gallery

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Written by: RockcityPublished: October 1, 2014