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Here at Rockcity we are huge fans of Passport, The aussie brand has been around a few years and have really developed a presence here in the UK.

We’ve just got a massive delivery of decks in so what better time to have an insight into the brand than now.

Essential member of the infamous Beer Money crew and all round top Aussie lad Callum Paul has just had his fourth Pro Model deck released and along side that we also grabbed a couple of his classic Bubbler Boy model.

To coincide with the release we had a brief chat with Callum about the brands plans for this year and what the Tawny model is all about.

RC: What are you up to right now Callum?

CP: I can’t skate at the moment, I’m undergoing knee reconstruction and the doctor reckons it’s going to be about 6 months.

RC: Any plans for the Passport crew to head to England?

CP: Not that I’m aware of at the moment, We’re keeping it Australian at the moment but I know Trent has been wanting to come back for a while.

RC: Can you give us an insight into your latest pro model?

CP: My friend Mooney is really good at wood carving and after flipping through a photo book I saw this picture of a Tawny Frogmouth, They try to look like wood as camoflage so I thought a carving would be great. I’m really happy with the outcome. 

RC: Cheers Callum





Alongside the Callum Paul pro models we also took a delivery of the Serious Heat series.


The pleasure series.


The Mixed Messages Series.


Passport are not only nailing it the product department but they are also masters of making skate edits that genuinely represent the vibe of the company.

Here is their edit of a trip to New Zealand back in 2014.

Dean Palmer gets off at redfearn station.

Callum Paul’s pro part.

And it wouldn’t be right to end this article without sharing Passports latest pick up Nik Stipanovic, He dropped this banging edit just a couple of days back.

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Written by: RockcityPublished: May 7, 2015