Mother Collective

There’s a new brand in town…

Born out of the ashes of a crumbling Alien Workshop, previous AWS team manager Chad Bowers decided it was time to bring back some fire into Ohio Skateboarding, with that Mother Collective was born.


Hoping to keep skateboarding in the hands of skateboarders, Mother is starting slowly and doing it their own way.

With a hard hitting time of what is no doubt, 3 of the most influential skaters of this generation, Mother Collective has already proved they have what it takes to be a huge hit globally.

Gilbert Crockett

With a rumored 2 song, second to last part in the upcoming Vans video “Propeller” Gilbert is no doubt in his prime right now, oozing with style and pop the Richmond local is no doubt going to do huge things for Mother.

Tyler Bledsoe

Starting as youngster on Element, Mr Bledsoe has come on leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, after having a stand out part in Mindfield and having numerous video parts and noteably appearing in lots of web edits including a jaw dropping back tail bigflip in THAT fourstar edit. Tyler keeps going from strength to strength and we are excited about what Tyler can bring to the table.

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson needs no introduction, if you aren’t familiar with the wallride wizard by now, the chances are you live under a rock. The man has almost single handedly pushed the wall based boundaries over the last few years and is inspiring a generation of his own. Check out this wallride.

They have started things simple with a solid range of decks utilising some really cool stained wood grain.

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Written by: RockcityPublished: May 2, 2015