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IsleBannerLogoHere at Rockcity we are massive fans of Isle Skateboards because in a world of boring logo boards and stale rip-offs it’s refreshing to see a company go against the grain and put some thought into the artwork on their boards and its been a hit.

You can tell with Isle that everything is so thought out and the precision that Jensen is putting in really pays off, Each series has got better and better and we at Rockcity are really excited about the newest drop of decks.

First up in the new line is the Push & Pull II Series, contrasting with their original series which was all on white backgrounds, the idea is really simple but works really well and has recieved a lot of praise.


As well as the Push & Pull Series II we also have a stock of their amazing Pigment series, a very refreshing board series, a great use of bright but not overpowering colour with subtle details incorporated into the graphics. These graphics look seriously great in person and I can confidently say I’ve already got one in line for my next board.



As well as continuous drops of hardware, Isle Skateboards are working on a new video project titled “Vase”.

It shouldn’t be a rarity but these days it seems that it’s a real talking point when a company puts out a full length video and Vase has been no exception, although with this release you can put it mostly down to the fact that the team could only ever produce something amazing.

This is being filmed by master lens-man Jacob Harris who if you aren’t familiar with, happened to produce 2013 video of the year “Eleventh Hour”.

Here is the trailer for Vase:


The only visuals we have seen from Isle so far are a series of collaborative clips with Dazed Digital.

Check the clips out at and witness some sick skating with some amazing direction, perfectly capturing the team and company vibe.

It would be criminal not to post Tom Knox’s section from Eleventh Hour….




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