Rockcity foam pit and resi room is definitly one of everyones favourite room here at Rockcity and without a doubt one of the most used rooms. The foam pit is a great place for everyone to learn those slightly more dangerous tricks that would normally be much scarier if you were just trying it on a regular wooden ramp, for example backflips. Almost everyday people are flipping into that foam pit in a desire to learn backflips (or any other flip variation for that matter) before they then take it to the resi ramp.  The structure of the ramp is made from wood. On top of the wood is about a foot of foam or padding. The top layer of the ramp is the plastic composite referred to as “resi”. The purpose of the Rockcity foam pit and resi room is for riders and skaters to try and learn new tricks they’re not 100% confident doing on a normal wooden ramp. The resi ramp is a much softer landing to bail onto.


Have a quick look at our team rider Ben Towle trying a couple of different tricks in the Rockcity foam pit and resi room.

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