Rockcity City Walls kids bouldering area

Rockcity Castle is a fun bouldering room for kids ages 3 and upwards with a supervising adult. This bouldering room is designed for younger climbers who might find the our regular bouldering walls a little too daunting. Rockcity Castle is a great place for young boulders to get started along with the rest of the family.

Rockcity Castle provides a fun new experience for all the family and keeps the kids active all day long! The different walls of the castle are graded at different levels as well meaning the children can progress through the castle and gradually learn new bouldering techniques along the way.

The children can climb up each wall and make their way over the top onto a platform before they use the slide in the middle turret to make there way back down onto the padded floor. Rockcity Castle is classed as a hard play area rather than a soft play area, the structures are similar to what you may find at a park.

Check out this little video on our youtube to really see what the Rockcity Castle has to offer.

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