Rockcity Falcon is our newest bouldering room designed for kids minimum age of 2 with an adult. A great way to keep the kids active over summer and far beyond! Rockcity Falcon is a first of its kind, with more climbing and bouldering opportunties for kids avaliable across the country the Falcon provides a new and unique bouldering experience for all the family.

This bouldering room is classed as a hard play area designed for kids who love to climb! The millennium falcon cockpit is a climbing frame structure like you would find a park for children, the room is full of different bouldering problems which can provide small challenges and obsticals for the young ones.

The Falcon has a ‘secret’ tunnel the kids have to climb and crawl through where they will find a hidden slide before they will have to climb their way out. The way the facility has been designed means its fun and games for the children but they will also be learning and climbing on different bouldering problems too. This is a great place to introduce climbing as a sport for the younger kids.

Check out this little video showing off the falcon bouldering room.