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Say your goodbyes to the Rockcity cave!

The Rockcity cave has been with us for over 20 years. As time goes by change is sometimes needed and a brand new bouldering wall is coming to Rockcity, however this does mean it’s time to say goodbye to what was a cutting edge facility here at Rockcity. Back in the 1990’s the race was to create a wall that was as realistic as possible, the idea of boudering holds back then just wasn’t something people wanted to see. Bouldering holds themselves were quite boring and dull. We wanted something that created the same atmosphere as outside bouldering. The cave did just that and more, for over 20 years! Now with technology improving day in day out bouldering holds have never been better. Take a look at the world championships for example, very minimal holds but absolutely fantastic shapes and build quality. We have recently been putting our own rockcity bouldering holds to use in all our bouldering rooms but we are really excited to get another room up and running featured all our new holds.

We loved the Rockcity cave it was really a unique attraction that made Rockcity stand out, but with 20 plus years of use we feel it’s time to strip it all down, say goodbye and make use of huge the space and building a brand spanking new awesome bouldering wall. We’re really pushing bouldering at Rockcity with it becoming a one of the fastest growing sports we want to offer the newest and best facilities we can at Rockcity.

Really exciting times at Rockcity ahead, the future is looking really good.

Check out the littleĀ demolition footage here:


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Written by: RockcityPublished: June 23, 2016