Ben Moon Climbing Rainshadow F9a

It’s pretty ironic really that one of best climbers the UK has ever produced has based his 2015 product range around the heritage surrounding Ben’s efforts and achievements as Moon Climbing puts it ‘Since ‘84’

Incredibly this week saw Ben Moon climb his second 9a with a repeat of Rainshadow F9a at Malham Cove, 25 years after his first F9a – Hubble. This is the fourth ascent of Rainshadow, first climbed by Steve Mcclure in 2003 and since repeated by just Adam Ondra and Jordan Buys.


It seems that Ben Moon is out of the shadows (rain or otherwise) and once again at the forefront of the world climbing stage.  Combined with a revamped 2015 range it seems it is all happening for Ben and Moon Climbing in 2015 as Ben has produced his best product line to date.

moon_cypher-mensNow here at Rockcity we know that Ben is constantly ‘tweaking’ his range to try to get it the best it can be. With constant changes to cuts, features etc. This has ‘been updated based on your feedback’ (Moon Climbing website).

We particularly like the new Moon Cypher Pant 2015. There has been lots of improvements over previous models of this very popular staple of British climbers and boulderers. We are glad to have this back in stock in its new form, it’s even better now than the original S7 pant!moon-climbing-rope-logo-tee-t-shirts-shirts-longsleeves_2

We also like the tech ‘wicking’ tee-shirts in the range, a bit of a must for all this hot weather.  These are not your average ‘overprint’ and ‘re-label’ number, these are the real deal, custom made high end garments.

Ben has always been a bit of a ‘fashionista’ and now he has managed to get a very solid range of clothing for on or off the crag. His ethos that his clothing is suitable to be worn to the crag, at the crag, then be good enough to go down the pub afterwards.

We are more than delighted when we got to see the new versions of his crash pads. The new foam is the best we have seen at Rockcity HQ and combined with the features unique to Moon Climbing that make their crash pads currently top of the pile (pun intended).warrior_crash_pad_blue_jewel_open_1

Anyway, we are sure that now Ben is on form again, we will see more exciting and cutting edge things from both Mr Moon and his ‘retro’ climbing corporation / progressive climbing brand.

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Written by: RockcityPublished: June 13, 2015