Welcome to Rockcity the home of Climbing, Skateboarding and BMX in Hull, Yorkshire, UK.  This fantastic complex boasts one of the UK’s largest indoor climbing centres and also the new Rockcity Skatepark & Plaza which features the next generation in skatepark design and build.

Originally opening its doors in September 1994 and has continued to expand for almost 20 years.

We also have a gear shop with the best products in the world of climbing, skateboarding and BMX, with loyalty savings for all Rockcity members.

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  • Bouldering, Top roping, and Lead Climbing

    Ever wondered what the difference is between 'bouldering', 'top roping' and 'lead climbing'? Climbing styles are pretty simple to get your head around. This short video explains the differences so you can better understand the different facilities at Rockcity Climbing Centre.

    Author: Rockcity

  • What is Bouldering?

    Ever wanted to know what 'bouldering' or 'boulder climbing' is but was too afraid to ask. Here is a great video giving you a pretty motivational tour of bouldering.

    Author: Rockcity