Rockcity BMX Locals


Rockcity BMX Locals

The Rockcity BMX local edits where a series of videos we started over on our YouTube channel last winter. Each week our in house videographer Mike Chudley, would film all the local riders and stack together a couple minutes worth of footage. The main idea and purpose with these videos was to try something different, also something to get the local riders featured in as well. They’re the reason the skatepark is here after all and everyone who managed to film some clips loved it too, it’s always a decent session when the atmosphere in the park is good. These guys are the ones who always seem to find the hidden lines in the park week after week, the riders who are always keeping it creative and thinking of new ways to use the skatepark. Along with filming weekly Rockcity skate edits as well the BMX videos were really quite popular.

The first Rockcity BMX locals edit was upload on the 18th of december 2015 and the riders put together a solid 2 minute edit of everyone shredding in the skatepark. Check it out below:

If you wanted to see more of the local edits we have a playlist full of all 7 videos including the Rockcity BMX Locals on our YouTube channel.

Click here to go straight to our playlist of the Rockcity local edits.


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