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CHDBMX is a small group of riders based just the other side of the Humber bridge. They’re always showing their faces down at Rockcity at least twice a week to ride, skate & even climb from time to time.

If you live around Hull & ride yourself you may already know of CHDBMX. Up & coming online media & clothing brand, with over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube & 3.5 million views worldwide you can’t really miss them online. With Rockcity being not even a 20 minute drive for most of them a huge amount of their content is filmed here in the park.

You might find some of their popular content explicit or random but that’s probably a reason so many people follow & buy into the brand because they are relate-able for their audience. Have a peep over on their YouTube channel (run by Mike Chudley) and you’ll find something entertaining, whether its the BMX riding itself or just the lads having a laugh.


Last November CHDBMX released their best edit yet with filming taken place over a few months in our park and various other local places you definitely need to check this video out!

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Written by: RockcityPublished: June 15, 2016