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Core Climbing Holds

Core large graniteCore Climbing Holds is probably the biggest UK manufacturer with literally almost every climbing centre in the UK using their ranges.  Core Holds have several ‘core’ ranges, each of which is split pretty well across the conventional shapes of traditional ‘bolt-on’ holds.

The carving of their ‘real rock’ holds is well done.  Out of the lot we prefer the Grit and Granite one as unlike the Font and Limestone versions the shapes a re a bit more alternative.  We think Core do very good Jugs in particular.  In fact, most climbing centres in the UK have a lot of their easy routes and boulder circuits in these Core Climbing Holds.

So far so good – Core make great looking holds and offer a good solid range of shapes and styles.  Once again for us at Rockcity its the Polyester Resin, the only material Core offers, that gets the thumbs down.  Small holds break all too easily and all holds fade fairly quickly when washed.  Partly the white powder fillers typically used in PE holds and partly the lack of UV stability.

Core Mini SlopersDespite this we have bought lots in the past, just like the other centres and apart from the small breakages the larger holds are pretty solid and dont break.

We have even bought some recently, their ‘CORE’ holds.  THere are not many climbing holds out there that come in pairs and are truely symmetrical.  The Core ‘Core’ Holds are!

These holds we have used on our Symmetrical System Boards and as these holds are permanently on these training boards we dont have to take them off and wash them too much, which is were the fading and the chipping comes from so we highly recommend these holds for this purpose.

All in all we are into Core stuff and they make some good stuff.



Stonesmith Climbing Holds

Malc Smith setting The Abyss at RockcityWhen we first heard Malc was starting his own company we were very excited.  Malcolm Smith is one of those names and climbers that makes you think ‘strong’.

Malc is the strong silent type so we expected a lot when we saw his holds for the first time, no hype needed!

Full Power Jugs

We invited Malc and Chris (the production guy) down to Rockcity to set the new Abyss Wall.  Armed with hundreds of fluro holds the duo set about building a bunch of blocs that required a certain ‘strength’ to crush them.


Rockcity Campus Board with Stonesmith Holds Hemispheres

We liked the fluro colours and also the unusual carvings of the shapes of the holds.  A lot of holds usually are good edges or positive jugs but this range was different, you needed to pinch pretty much everything.IMG_0625  The downside for us at Rockcity is that they are only available in PE Resin.


Something else we were impressed with is the Hemispheres.  Five different sizes on the same diameter sphere, making it increasing harder to campus on them as the holds are reduced by 10mm each time.

These are our favourite of all the Stonesmith Climbing Holds.  Completely understated they will get you strong.  They are also fine in Polyester Resin on our Campus Board as they will stay up a long time and are quite hard wearing.  They should last years on here, well they will outlast us that’s for sure.  Definitely a hard work out on the smallest sizes.

It will be interesting to see what the boys come up with in the future.




Rockcity Art Wall Shield

Rockcity City Walls kids bouldering area

Rockcity ‘City Walls’ kids bouldering area still as beautifully detailed as the day the artwork was painted.

We have added another climbing wall paint product to our range.  This time it’s a protective coating suitable for any climbing wall surface, especially where artwork, logos or graffiti art work is to be preserved from the wear and tear of a modern climbing wall.

Again born out of finding a solution for our own climbing walls we have once again worked with one of the UKs leading specialist industrial and marine coating manufacturers to solve the problem.


Red Spider ‘Waddy Wall’ gets the Art Wall Shield treatment

As climbing walls, especially bouldering facilities are seeing exceptional traffic it has become increasingly important to try to have a finish that resists marking, especially from the black climbing shoe rubber, which adheres to conventional resins and paints, staining the surface.

This clear Rockcity Art Wall Shield coat can be applied to any pre painted climbing wall surface including resins and sand textures to give you a finish that is both as tough as and anti marking as any of the climbing wall manufacturers professionally produced panels.

Rockcity Art Wall Shield is water based and very low odour and is ideal for using within a centre that is already open to the public.

Expect many, many, years of clean, bright walls without black climbing shoe rubber marks and faded areas where the artwork or colour of the wall has worn away.

Rockcity Art Wall Shield is available exclusively from us here at Rockcity.  All enquiries please email – wallcoatings@rockcity.co.uk


Red Spider ‘Castle’ and ‘Pirate Ship’ artwork protected by Rockcity Art Wall Shield