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Entre-Prises Climbing Holds

Entre-Prises, the French climbing wall manufacturers is one of the largest climbing wall manufacturers in the world.  A clever French word play and so rather than just meaning ‘entreprises’, French for business, it translates ‘entre’ between and ‘prises’ holds, somewhere we all find ourselves whilst climbing.comp slopersbomber jugs 2

Originally establish back in 1985, Entre-Prises has been at the forefront of professional and commercial climbing wall installation.

Although Rockcity has never had anything built by Entre-Prises we do have some of their climbing holds or bolt-on holds as they are often called.

Now originally all bolt-on holds were pretty poor.  Especially back 25+ years ago and Entre-Prises was no exception.  At this time it was pretty common for climbing holds to have pretty unfriendly on the tendons with sharp edges on the middle pads of your fingers.

fine grain edgesThankfully this has all changed and all climbing holds have got way better.  Entre-Prises has some pretty cool stuff too.

We particularly like the Entre-Prises Polyurethane holds.  As a climbing centre we are at the rough end of climbing hold use and with all the traffic and route setting we are pretty good at knowing what makes a good climbing hold after 20years.

Our favourite set is the Comp Slopers.  We like the simplicity of these combined with the hollow back making them very light weight for their size.  This is one of the main benefits of PU over Polyester Resin as a material.


scarred cobble hollow back

Others that stand out and get used all the time are The Beast, which is a kind of large sloping jug, very useful.

Also we like the Limestone XL and the Scarred cobble, both make for good setting on routes and boulder problems.

The Erosion Edges are pretty comfy rounded edges, great set of holds.  We We are also fans of both the Bomber Jugs 2 and the Dot Jugs.  These are brilliant for simple routes for beginners and are good value for money too.

Lastly, but by no means leastly, are the Super Tweeks.  These are only possible because of the use of PU as no Polyester Resin hold can be made this small.  Holds this size have made the use for screw-ons reduced, which is good news for the surface of the wall.  Holds this small have revolutionized route setting as a small ‘foot chip’ is now able to be added almost anywhere.


Beast XLPolyurethane has one drawback, it doesn’t last as long as PE holds in terms or wear.  PU polishes a lot quicker than PE but careful choice of holds will help.

Even taking this into consideration we don’t buy PE holds much any more as they chip and crack regularly.

Entre-Prises does have a brilliant little insert for their cast Polyester Resin holds which reinforces the bolt-on hold around the bolt hole so if it breaks then it is still all held together.

limestone XLThere is one thing very odd about the Entre-Prises climbing holds range, there isn’t much of one.  Don’t get us wrong, they make hundreds of holds but there is no continuity throughout.  The Beast sits there on its own, possibly a distant relative of the Comp Slopers but nothing in between to tie they all together.

We think that for Entre-Prises the range of climbing holds they produce is more of a by-product of their massive global climbing wall building empire and that so long as these new walls have a load of grips on them then their job is done.  It is a shame really because they have the customer base and the know-how to have dominated the market with large ranges.  The US range is all Polyurethane and is a lot better than the EP European offerings.   Hand pick your Entre-Prise holds carefully and you cant go wrong.


Ben Moon Climbing Rainshadow F9a

It’s pretty ironic really that one of best climbers the UK has ever produced has based his 2015 product range around the heritage surrounding Ben’s efforts and achievements as Moon Climbing puts it ‘Since ‘84’

Incredibly this week saw Ben Moon climb his second 9a with a repeat of Rainshadow F9a at Malham Cove, 25 years after his first F9a – Hubble. This is the fourth ascent of Rainshadow, first climbed by Steve Mcclure in 2003 and since repeated by just Adam Ondra and Jordan Buys.


It seems that Ben Moon is out of the shadows (rain or otherwise) and once again at the forefront of the world climbing stage.  Combined with a revamped 2015 range it seems it is all happening for Ben and Moon Climbing in 2015 as Ben has produced his best product line to date.

moon_cypher-mensNow here at Rockcity we know that Ben is constantly ‘tweaking’ his range to try to get it the best it can be. With constant changes to cuts, features etc. This has ‘been updated based on your feedback’ (Moon Climbing website).

We particularly like the new Moon Cypher Pant 2015. There has been lots of improvements over previous models of this very popular staple of British climbers and boulderers. We are glad to have this back in stock in its new form, it’s even better now than the original S7 pant!moon-climbing-rope-logo-tee-t-shirts-shirts-longsleeves_2

We also like the tech ‘wicking’ tee-shirts in the range, a bit of a must for all this hot weather.  These are not your average ‘overprint’ and ‘re-label’ number, these are the real deal, custom made high end garments.

Ben has always been a bit of a ‘fashionista’ and now he has managed to get a very solid range of clothing for on or off the crag. His ethos that his clothing is suitable to be worn to the crag, at the crag, then be good enough to go down the pub afterwards.

We are more than delighted when we got to see the new versions of his crash pads. The new foam is the best we have seen at Rockcity HQ and combined with the features unique to Moon Climbing that make their crash pads currently top of the pile (pun intended).warrior_crash_pad_blue_jewel_open_1

Anyway, we are sure that now Ben is on form again, we will see more exciting and cutting edge things from both Mr Moon and his ‘retro’ climbing corporation / progressive climbing brand.


Isle Skateboards

IsleBannerLogoHere at Rockcity we are massive fans of Isle Skateboards because in a world of boring logo boards and stale rip-offs it’s refreshing to see a company go against the grain and put some thought into the artwork on their boards and its been a hit.

You can tell with Isle that everything is so thought out and the precision that Jensen is putting in really pays off, Each series has got better and better and we at Rockcity are really excited about the newest drop of decks.

First up in the new line is the Push & Pull II Series, contrasting with their original series which was all on white backgrounds, the idea is really simple but works really well and has recieved a lot of praise.


As well as the Push & Pull Series II we also have a stock of their amazing Pigment series, a very refreshing board series, a great use of bright but not overpowering colour with subtle details incorporated into the graphics. These graphics look seriously great in person and I can confidently say I’ve already got one in line for my next board.



As well as continuous drops of hardware, Isle Skateboards are working on a new video project titled “Vase”.

It shouldn’t be a rarity but these days it seems that it’s a real talking point when a company puts out a full length video and Vase has been no exception, although with this release you can put it mostly down to the fact that the team could only ever produce something amazing.

This is being filmed by master lens-man Jacob Harris who if you aren’t familiar with, happened to produce 2013 video of the year “Eleventh Hour”.

Here is the trailer for Vase:


The only visuals we have seen from Isle so far are a series of collaborative clips with Dazed Digital.

Check the clips out at https://vimeo.com/isleskateboards/videos and witness some sick skating with some amazing direction, perfectly capturing the team and company vibe.

It would be criminal not to post Tom Knox’s section from Eleventh Hour….





Flame Climbing Holds

Here are Rockcity Climbing Centre we have just introduced a new brand range of climbing holds to both our climbing centre and to the UK.  The completely new range is from Bulgarian hold manufacturer FLAME.

Spotting a gap in the market for creative and artistic climbing holds its pretty clear that FLAME HOLDS are sure to make a burning impression!
The new Flame climbing holds will stand out around the climbing wall for sure with their intricately carved designs.  The detail is incredible, especially the faces.  It’s almost the last thing you want, is for the climbing wall itself to staring at you whilst you are pushing yourself to the limit.


The holds have great shape, good texture and are available in a new ultra hard wearing material so there should be plenty of grip over the months and years.

The bolt-on holds will definitely jazz up any climbing wall or climbing centre, Although we don’t think that you would want to cover the entire climbing wall with these holds as it would become too busy,  When you do find one, you will definitely notice it, they are sure to be the topic of conversation.

Apart from the Flames and the Faces these new holds also have their ‘Tubes’.  These are a pretty funky set of XL jugs that are also quite pinchable.  We have added a line of these to our Abyss roof and they make a good change from the usual incut jugs that are common.FlameBlog3


Again, using new materials they are able to create shapes that previously haven’t been possible due to the limitations of older resin technology. Having recently visited these guys and having seen some of the new prototype holds its safe to say that there is a lot more ‘detailed’ carved holds about to hit production.
Finally they have a ‘Grit’ range.  We have a set of mini jugs and medium jugs here, a lot more ‘mainstream’ than the others in the range.FlameBlog5FlameBlog2

All told the variety from FLAME climbing holds is pretty wide and there is definitely something for all tastes.