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Camp WeSC UK Easter & Summer Camps

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Camp WeSC UK is a 5 day residential skateboard camp set up by skateboarders for skateboarders. Our aim is to provide a unique opportunity for people to spend 5 days with professional skateboarders at some of the best parks the UK has to offer.

At our camps we offer great value for money where each skater will take away a huge package consisting of but not limited to; a new deck, new shoes, new clothing and headphones amongst other things. Obviously all the food and accommodation is taken care of and to a high standard.

At Camp WeSC we have had the pleasure of having some of the UK’s best skateboarders and some of our previous coaches include Tom Knox, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Nick Remon, Nicky Howells, Jody Smith, Leo Smith, Benny Fairfax, Jason Lewer to name but a few! It is a unique opportunity to spend time with these Professionals and all the skaters really enjoy having the people they see in videos and magazines on hand to help out when needed.

We encourage people of all ages, sexes and from all backgrounds. We have both male and female coaches at all our camps and we are proud to see a growth in the number of girl skateboarders who attend.

Skateboarding is a great tool to meet new people and visit new places, we have all benefited from this and wish to try and share this with others.

Our camps are always set in safe and secure environments allowing the skaters to enjoy their stay with us and giving parents the peace of mind.

If you need any more information about our skateboard camps then please get in touch via email campwescuk@gmail.com or phone 07868754856